Starburst   Clarissa   Starburst

In Loving Memory of Clarissa, our loyal friend for seven years.


Clarissa, lost or abandoned, originally adopted a musician friend ( to whom we are eternally grateful ), & his Family. She then came to us, quickly becoming part of the family.

In November 2006 Clarissa had to leave this mortal coil, after giving us seven years of joy and companionship. These pages are dedicated to her memory & to her predecessors. Also to future campaigns on animal welfare and those who dedicate some or all of their lives to the cause.

Holly, our new Birman, has settled in well. It seems Clarissa's influence somehow remains here. Holly has adopted some of her tricks, plus having many of her own. She also is a rescue cat, with thanks to the caring people at the Birman Cat Club.

With Holly we have a fairly full history, a pedigree & other paperwork. Clarissa's early life is shrouded in mystery, we can only guess what trauma led her to us.