Over two thousand years ago, in a draughty animal shed, in an obscure Middle Eastern village, a baby boy was born. To a poor working class family, far from home. As He grew up He learnt his father's trade, but had limited opportunity for education. He showed an intense interest in religious matters, asking many questions of the temple priests. At around thirty years old He became a wandering preacher, building a loyal group of followers. The religious establishment began to consider Him a threat, when He was around thirty-three years old they persuaded the occupying power to put Him on trial. Despite not being found guilty of breaking any laws He was beaten, tortured and executed.

The methd of execution was especially cruel and public. Usually reserved for the worst kind of political crime, despite Him having broken no law. As a result of these events, the world of man has been changed out of all recognition.

He owned no home or property, He wrote no books, He had no formal qualifications. Yet all of the rulers that ever existed, all of the political systems, all of the armies. All of human knowledge, all of man's techology, all of the wars, all disasters, have collectively had far less influence, on all of humanity, than that one birth and tragically short life.