Octave Hire and Octave Classics.

Tiny Evans founded Octave Hire some forty years ago. A reputation for quality and reliability was soon established. That reputation has been maintained ever since. Octave Classics handled the increasing portfolio of classic instruments and The Hammond Hire Company was the division taking care of, you've probably guessed it, Hammond Tone Wheel Organ Hire.

Eventually it was decided to simplify matters by combining the various strands of the business under the one name. By 2002 a long standing co-operation between the Hammond Hire Company and Alpha Entek (The Service Zone), Ron Lebar's long established company, was formalised. As much as anything with us can be formal.

Formerly known as Octave Hire & Octave Classics
Classic Instrument & Equipment Hire. Studio Refurbishing, Design & Building

Together with The Service Zone A combination of two companies with long histories in the Music Industry. A much needed facility for Churches, Broadcasters, Studios, Professional musicians, devotees of Classic Musical Instruments etc.

Our prime directive is to Maintain & Restore all that is Good in Music Technology.
So much has been lost or ruined. Both old & new.

In Central London & the Heart of England. An Integrated U.K. Wide Service.

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Why Not Hire a Classic Whilst We Service or Restore Yours?

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For Tuning, Service & Repairs etc. call: +44 (0)796 775 4115

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A Hammond Hire Company B3 & 122 Leslies were chosen for Jimmy Smith's last ever British concert in Wigan.

Edited: 5-9-2013. Ron Lebar, Author.