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Questions about reality, accepted theories & life

Many widely believed theories are unproven, creating more questions or paradoxes than answers.

First, the theory of evolution, as propounded by Charles Darwin & elaborated by others.

Start with something 'simple', a flowering plant: This grows from seed, the flower's purpose is to attract insects, to pollinate female flowers from male, thus fertilising the seeds, how did this system evolve?

For the moment, we ignore the inconvenient 'fact' that plants evolved before insects. How could growing from seed evolve gradually? Until there were functional fertilised seeds, how could plants grow from them? Until there were fully functional plants, able to produce them, how could there be seeds?

Maybe now we should think about insects. Until these evolved, millions of years later, there was no obvious mechanism for fertilisation between male & female flowers. How did they manage? Flower's nectar provides sustenance for pollinating insects. So, if these actually came first, what did they eat before plants evolved?

A move to the animal kingdom. This is usually divided into 33 Phyla or major classifications. Evolution quite simply explains this large number, and the far greater number of Families and Species.
To come, more difficult questions...

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