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Classic & Modern Instruments or Equipment.

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ARP, Hammond, Leslie, Moog, Oberheim, Rhodes, Sequential & Wurlitzer. Classic American marques in which we specialise. Plus other classic analogue synthesisers, the VOX Continental & Hohner Clavinet etc. All that is good in music technology, old or new.


Service, restoration or updating of classic instruments & equipment.

This includes returning or setting up suitable candidates to original design specifications (blueprinting). Many individual examples failed to achieve design performance, even when new. Work was frequently rushed to satisfy accountancy & order book requirements.

In restoration we prefer correct appearance & finish. Unlike some others we do not paint plated metal components in bright colours or replace black engraved panels with shiny silver.


Rhodes Piano Restoration & Tuning.

Enter   HHC for examples of our Fender Rhodes piano restorations & some of our other restoration work.

We can repair the case or even build a replacement if needed. Recover, using the original pattern material or a later pattern if preferred. Replace rusty, worn or dull case fittings.

Re-bush the keyboard to take up wear & restore a firm feel. Replace worn hammer tips & hammers. Replace Tines, Grommets & springs as required to restore sustain. Replace dead or weak pickups. Set escapement & other measurements to original specification. Tune, balance & set intonation, This is usually done to give a bright, lively tone as intended by the designer.

All this is practicable only on examples that have been reasonably well looked after, with no serious rust or other signs of severe neglect. Many instruments will do, many won't.

If only a service to restore full function is required, for a gigging instrument, we can provide this. Full restoration may not be needed if it will suffer the rigours of life on the road.

Wurlitzer Piano Tuning & Restoration.

Similiar restoration can be undertaken on a 200 Series instrument if its condition justifies such work.

Case repair & respraying. Top cleaning & polishing. Polishing & re-bushing keys. New reeds etc. as required. Setting up action to optimum as per specification. Improving brightness & sustain in certain ranges. Tuning, setting intonation & balance etc. Replacing missing hum shields etc.

Again, just a service to make it playable, if that is what's needed.

Enter   HHC for examples of Wurlitzer piano restorations, Fender Rhodes pianos & other restoration work.


A good Hammond A, B or C series can have the case repaired & re-polished. Keys cleaned & polished. Metal front & drawbar rails resprayed. Interior cleaned & tidied. Contact clean on manuals & pedals. Pre-amplifier cleaned, new components fitted as required & chassis refinished. Generator cleaned & lubricated. Scanner overhauled.

Filters restored, capacitors replaced etc. Tone generator calibrated to factory specification.

If only full functionality is required then just a service. It depends on whether you need a workhorse or an immaculate thoroughbred.

Hammond Tone Wheel Organ Repairs, Restoration etc.

Over the years we have completed many Tone Wheel Hammond Organ Restorations. For private musicians, groups, studios & the music industry. Many of our customers are famous names, others may become well known. Some simply want the best instruments possible, that is why they have come to us.

In many cases instruments have been restored to an uncompromising standard. Cases, mechanisms & amplification better than when they left the factory. This work also applies to tone & Leslie cabinets. In some cases additional features or updates are included.

We can carry out these levels of restoration and/or modification for all our customers. Naturally such work is not cheap. Prices, however, are fair, reflecting the commitment in time and materials expended.

We can also provide a basic service, as mentioned previously. It all depends on your needs.

Hammond Organ restoration.

Enter   HHC for examples of Hammond Organ restorations & some of our other restoration work.

A 1937 Model E. One of the heaviest & most expensive Hammonds made. 32 key A.G.O. concave radiating pedal board, pedal to manual coupler, twin generators, twin swell pedals & twin tremulants. My own personal instrument, it will be restored as a labour of love.

This will show just what can be achieved with an early classic. Certain 'modern' (post WW2) features will be carefully added, without detracting from or spoiling its originallity.


Leslie Speaker Restoration.

Enter   HHC for examples of Leslie Speaker Cabinet restorations & some of our other restoration work.

Leslie & Hammond tone cabinets can be restored. Cabinet repair & repolishing, speaker overhaul & reconing. Pre-amplifiers & amplifiers overhauled. New valves, chassis refinished etc. Motors plus rotors cleaned & lubricated. Belts & tyres replaced. Necklace or other reverb units cleaned & serviced.

Our workshops have full Wood-working facilities available, with the services of craftsmen. Plus precision skilled Metal-working facilities with modern machinery. For selected classics new cabinets can be built to original or better standards. Unobtainable metal parts can be restored or made. Chrome & nickel work can be restored.


Clavinet restoration. Rhodes Piano restoration. Wurlitzer Piano restoration.

Enter   HHC for examples of restored Classic Pianos & some of our other restoration work.

Many other instruments can be serviced or fully restored. Certain Organs, Pianos & Synthesisers etc. are worth spending time or money on. Others are only worth fixing for performance use, up to a point.

Customising of classic instruments & equipment. Mainly to enable a better fit in modern environments or for interfacing with newer equipment. Changes or additions must be carried out with sensitivity & care so as not to devalue or spoil an original work of musical art.

The obvious addition is MIDI. In practical terms this is IN only on analogue mono synthesisers. Often an external converter is a better option here. Usually it can be IN & OUT on a polyphonic instrument with computer scanned keyboard. With Tone Wheel Hammonds only OUT is practicable (with velocity), we have used the excellent Keyboard Specialities system.

Production of this has ceased & will only be restarted if enough customers are available. Few, if any, other makes or models of organ etc. are suitable candidates for this level of work.

MIDI as an addition to a piano is possible. Only in few cases is it worth while. Most will not be suited by the addition of controls required for a responsive MIDI & are too heavy to be a practicable mother keyboard.

Further possibilities include external CV & Gate additions to certain synthesisers. Filter inputs, Sync' or additional outputs etc.

Other modifications may be desired by potential customers. These will be carried out if feasible.

Service, updating, upgrading, expansion & modification of good modern instruments or equipment. Recommended for Roland repairs etc.

Our Music Industry connection goes back to the mid '60s & we became independent in 1968. Servicing a wide range of instruments & equipment. Many models we worked on have since become classics.

Andromeda was established in 1979. Originally to undertake research & design in the field of automation. Cameron was established the same year, providing musical equipment & instrument servicing. The two businesses combined, as The Service Zone, in 1995.

Shortly afterwards we joined forces with The Hammond Hire Company to provide a U.K. wide comprehensive service. Across the full range of amplified, electrical and electronic musical instruments or equipment.

Our prime directive is the pursuit & maintenance of excellence in music technology.

Courtesy, Excellence & Value.
The Standard.

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