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Keyboard & Modern Instrument Service

London & South - The Zoo London
Central & North - The Zoo Mercia
Nord Lead, service
Nord Lead at The Service Zone, Mercia.
Studio Electronics P-Five, service & tune
Studio Electronics P-Five at The Service Zone, Mercia.
Studio Electronics MIDIMINI at The Service Zone, Mercia.

Memorymoog on bench
Modern or Classic Musical Instrument Servicing

We service most modern Keyboard Instruments. For example, in no particular order, Roland, Korg, Yamaha, Casio, Kurzweil, Fatar etc.

Synthesisers, Sound Modules, Samplers, Sequencers, Organs, Drum Machines, Effects units, Mixers, Amplifiers & Good reel to reel Tape Recorders etc. Also older or classic gear & instruments.
A corner of The Service Zone, Mercia, with a Memorymoog Plus receiving TLC.


ARP, Hammond, Leslie, Moog, Oberheim, Rhodes, Sequential & Wurlitzer. Classic American marques in which we specialise. Plus other classic analogue synthesisers, the VOX Continental & Hohner Clavinet, etc. All that is good in music technology, old or new.

Service, updating & restoration of classic instruments or equipment. This includes returning or setting up suitable candidates to original design specifications (blueprinting). Many individual examples failed to achieve design performance, even when new. Work was frequently rushed to satisfy accountancy & order book requirements.

Modification of classic instruments & equipment. Mainly to enable a better fit in modern environments or for interfacing with newer equipment. Changes or additions must be carried out with sensitivity & care so as not to devalue or spoil an original work of musical art.


Alpha Entek is Lulu & Ron Lebar's personal company name. Our Music Industry connection goes back to the mid '60s & we became independent in 1968.

Andromeda was established in 1979. Originally to undertake research & design in the field of automation.

Cameron was established the same year, providing musical equipment & instrument servicing. Eventually the two businesses combined, later taking The Service Zone as our trading name, in 1995.

Shortly afterwards we joined forces with The Hammond Hire Company to provide a U.K. wide comprehensive service. Across the full range of amplified, electrical and electronic musical instruments or equipment.


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Classic & Modern Instruments or Equipment. Stage, Studio or Broadcast

First contact choice: Tiny @ 0207 288 0037 or 07710 723 814.

Our prime directive is the pursuit & maintenance of excellence in music technology.

For Tuning, Service & Repairs etc. call: +44 (0)207 288 0037

E-Mail us for hire, repairs, orders etc.


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