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Wave 2.3 PPG Wave, Wavetable Synthesiser, from Palm Products GMBH in Germany. One of the first of its kind, a subtractive hybrid with analogue filters & VCAs.

8 Voice polyphonic, an innovative & clever design.

Sound & features remain unique. Has many devotees and inspired several other instruments, but none quite like it.

Few sit on the fence regarding this machine, you either love it or hate it. Has an on board sequencer that has been alleged to work. Certainly not trouble free but worth taking on if you feel like nursing a still unusual classic. For repairs, only go to someone genuinely knowledgeable, good & sympathetic.


First was the wave 2. The most common models are designated 2.2 & 2.3. These are mainly similiar, different wave tables. The 2.3 has multi timbral capabilities & a mode to emulate its predecessor. A factory retrofit MIDI was available, but not any more.


The EVU is an Expansion Voice Unit. Pretty much as the name suggedts, A Wave minus its keyboard etc. Seldom seen over here.


The PRK is a mother keyboard for various machines in the range. Also now seldom seen.


Waveterm, in versions A & B. These are large (7U) rack mounting instruments that expand the wave's features & include a working sequencer. Waveterm A has 8" floppy drives whilst B has 5.25" types.

Both have a monochrome CRT display. Never connect or disconnect leads from Wave to Waveterm with power on either unit, doing so may zap the interface.


PPG 360A Wave Computer. A predecessor to the Wave models with a family resemblance. Rather nice & quite rare. With analogue pitch sources although it is a wavetable instrument. An unusual combination that works well but requires occasional tuning. A unique & effective sound.


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