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Classic & Modern Musical Instruments. Restoration, Service & Hire.
ARP, Hammond, Leslie, Moog, Oberheim, Rhodes, Sequential & Wurlitzer.
Classic American marques in which we specialise. Plus other classic analogue synthesisers, VOX Continental & Hohner Clavinet, etc.
All that is good in music technology, old or new.
Our mission includes setting up suitable instruments to original design specifications (blueprinting). Many individual instruments failed to achieve design performance, even when new. Work was often rushed, for accountancy & order book reasons.

In restoration we prefer original appearance & finish. Unlike some, we do not paint metal components in bright colours or replace black panels with shiny silver.

Pianos &
& Tuning

Visit us @  HHC for photographs of Tonewheel Hammonds, Rhodes or Wurlitzer Pianos & other restoration work. Please note; when selecting the large detailed images, they take longer to load, especially without broadband.

Rhodes Piano Restorations & Tuning.
Close up of 73 Stage, restored at our Mecia facility. MK2 action & full skirt keys.

73 Stage We can repair the case or even build a replacement if needed. Recover, using the original pattern material or a later pattern if preferred. Replace rusty, worn or dull case fittings.

Re-bush the keyboard to take up wear & restore a firm feel. Replace worn hammer tips & hammers. Replace Tines, Grommets & springs as required to restore sustain. Replace dead or weak pickups.

Set escapement & other measurements to original specification. Tune, balance & set intonation, This is usually done to give a bright, lively tone as intended by the designer.

If a soft, mellow tone is desired, we are happy to oblige.

All this is practicable only on examples that have been reasonably well looked after, with no serious rust or other signs of severe neglect. Many instruments will do, many won't.

If only a service to restore full function is required, for a gigging instrument, we can provide this. Full restoration may not be needed if it will suffer the rigours of life on the road.

Wurlitzer Piano Restorations & Tuning.
An EP200A, restored at our Mercia facility.

EP200A Similiar restoration can be undertaken on a 200 Series if its condition justifies such work. Lower case repair & re-spraying.

Top cleaning & polishing. Key polishing & re-bushing. New reeds etc. as required. Setting up action to optimum as per specification.

Improved brightness & sustain in certain ranges.

Cleaning & rebuilding amplifiers etc. Replacing passive components with top quality low noise types. Replacing out of specification transistors etc.

Tuning, setting intonation & balance etc. Replacing missing action shields etc.

Again, just a service to make it playable, if that is what's needed.

Hammond Organ Restoration, Preface.

There is a lot of misinformation disseminated regarding the 'correct' sound of Tonewheel Hammonds. In certain circles the 'dirty growling sound' of early instruments is eulogised. When these instruments were designed & built this was not the aim. Laurens Hammond devoted a lot of time & resources to producing the best possible instrument. A viable & versatile alternative to pipe organs.

Achieving this required the cleanest sound possible, to match the purity of the established competition. If the tone generator system is carefully examined, one can see the trouble taken to reduce cross talk & other unwanted tones. Dirty & growling was definitely not on the great man's agenda.

Yet, just once in a while, one hears of criticism regarding generator "re-capping" etc. Such as 'with my usual drawbar settings, it is now too bright & clean.

With our work, customers are usually immediately pleased with the sound. Even if they may have forgotten how good it sounded when new. A recent comment by an A100 owner,after our overhaul, 'It sounds as though its tubes have been syringed'.

An analogy: High performance motor cars made in the 'thirties occasionally survive to become classics. Would an owner boast about the way they smoke, rattle & backfire? Does a chronic lack of performance & economy become a matter of pride? Of course not, good money will be spent, reseating valves, resurfacing worn cylinders, new oil seals, piston rings, ignition capacitors, contacts & spark plugs etc.

Is any owner going to complain about the way it keeps up with the new models? About its acceleration, instead of a noisy & asthmatic gathering of speed? The answer is obvious, a classic, whatever it is, should be maintained so its performance is as near as possible to that when new. Not left to show half a century of wear & neglect. Showing respect for a classic's age does not mean letting it decay.

After restoration, it may take a little while, to get used to an organ's original performance, as with the sports car.

No-one cherishing a century old Steinway will leave it with a hundred years of dust, rusty strings, deeply grooved hammers & worn out bushings. They won't admire flat tuning, creaking action & floppy keys.

We can restore a good Tonewheel Hammond A, B, C, D, E. G, K or RT series etc. to an uncompromising standard.

As an example, here is a rare British specification oak K3 from 1940. During overhaul & restoration at our Mercia facility. Clicking on the image will call a larger version, the 'Back' button will return here.

K3 Entering the Hammond Hire Company pages will show a few of the photos taken during this beautiful organ's cleaning, overhaul & restoration. Clicking on this paragraph will take you there, the 'Back' button will return here.

Each of the thumbnail images can be clicked for a larger, more detailed picture, broadband is faster for this. These will give some idea of the rather sad mess this church organ was in when we took it on.

This is a far from original machine, it had been fitted with a drawbar rail, scanner, vibrato line box & pre-amp from a C3. So, although originally a K, we call it a K3.

The complete modification gives it selective vibrato & percussion. Although we do not strictly approve of such 'mongrel' conversions, this one NOW works very well. The 're-capped' & calibrated tone generator makes a big difference. Giving it the presence needed for church music, rock music or jazz.

Our restoration work includes, amongst other things: Cabinets repaired & re-polished. Keys cleaned & polished. Keyboard front rails & drawbar rails powder coated.

Interior cleaned & tidied. Manual & pedal contact clean. Pre-amplifier cleaned, new components as required & chassis refinished.

On the mechanical side; Generator cleaned, overhauled & lubricated. Scanner cleaned & overhauled. Motors overhauled & cleaned etc.

Faulty synchronous run motors rewound.

Filters restored & capacitors replaced etc. The best available components are used. Complete generator re-calibrated to make it sing like new.

If only full functionality is required then just a service. It depends on whether you need a workhorse or an immaculate thoroughbred.

Visit us @  HHC for photographs of Tonewheel Hammonds, Rhodes or Wurlitzer Pianos & other restoration work. Please note; when selecting the large images. These are fairly detailed & may take longer to load.

Leslie Speaker Restoration.

Leslie & Hammond tone cabinets can be restored. Cabinet repair & repolishing, speaker overhaul & reconing. Pre-amplifiers & amplifiers overhauled. New valves, chassis refinished etc. Motors plus rotors cleaned & lubricated. Belts & tyres replaced. Necklace or other reverb units cleaned & serviced.

Our workshops have full Wood-working facilities, run by craftsmen. Plus precision skilled Metal-working facilities with modern machinery. For selected classics new cabinets can be built to original or better standards. Unobtainable metal parts can be restored or made to original pattern. Chrome & nickel work can be restored.

Many other instruments can be serviced or fully restored. Certain Organs, Pianos & Synthesisers etc. are worth spending time or money on. Others are only worth fixing for performance use, up to a point. We will not take on expensive work for an instrument that is not worth it, unless justified by circumstances.

Concert E Type A battered 1937 Model E. The most expensive Concert tonewheel Hammond of its day. Piston presets, 32 key A.G.O. concave radiating pedal board, twin generators, twin swell pedals & twin tremulants. Bass to envy, no 16' foldback.

Our prime directive is the pursuit & maintenance of excellence in music technology.

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