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things are moving quickly here in Mercia. The Music Room is taking shape, its valve amplified monitor system sounds good. Articulate and clearly defined. Acoustic properties have always been above average and are enhanced by the latest changes.

The valve variant of our original Spin Doctor is a revelation. Almost all who hear her are impressed by the clarity and the way instruments are enhanced. One musician did mention that it is hard work getting distortion with a guitar.

As pre-amplifier stages are a current mode type, specifically designed not to distort easily, this was taken as a compliment. The Spin Doctor is not about distortion. A rotary electro-mechanical device, animating & enriching music inputs. Full stereo outputs without electronics, the amplification merely providing input and output interfaces. -More details-

The 'H Box' is quite another matter, also valve, a pre-amplifier with differences. The input stage provides active mixing of two inputs, if required. It can also be cascaded, to increase gain, a guitar orientated feature for input distortion effects.

This valve input can be switched out, replaced by a current mode Field Effect Transistor (FET) stage, using the same supply Voltage. Lower noise, greater Voltage headroom, without the progressive overdrive compression typical of valves. The later valve stages will still compress, giving a range of overdrive characteristics.

Two sets of active tone controls are available, 6 dB per octave and 12 dB per octave. Cut or boost of bass, middle and treble, with a selectable flat setting. The single ended class A output is designed to drive 122 Leslies, 145/7 Leslies, Hammond tone cabinets and almost any other type of amplifier. Leslie speed control is included. -More-

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