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The Hammond Hire Company (HHC). Formerly known as Octave Hire & Octave Classics
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We have been customising electric or electronic musical instruments and equipment since the 1960s. Alongside our servce, repair, tuning and, in later years, restoration work.

Within reason, anything from a simple adaptation, to make an instrument more useful, through to a complete rebuild with polished metwork and cabinet. From an interface between two incompatible synthesisers to full MIDI on a Hammond B3.

Instruments customised range from the Hohner Pianet to the Hammond RT3. From a guitar amplifier to a Leslie rotary speaker or Hammond tone cabinet.

If you wish an instrument to be customised why not discuss your requirements with us? No-one has more experience of this kind of work and our standards are high. We will NOT offer to do a cheap job, but we do guarantee that it will be done to your satisfaction.

In certain cases we can also supply the instrument to be customised. Although selling classic musical instruments is not our main line of business, we have something to offer that is quite rare today. A dedication to ensuring that you get what you want and are completely satisfied.

Picture galleries of some of our custom jobs will be developed, as time permits. Some will be displayed here and many more on our Hammond Hire Company site. So watch this space.

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Musical instrument restoration, repair, service, updating, customising, theory. 50 Years in the U.K. (G.B.) Music Industry. If you are in Britain (England), Caledonia (Scotland), Cymru (Wales), Eire (Southern Ireland), Ulster (Northern Ireland) or many other countries. Just remember, with modern transport, it's a small World.

Links to pages covering some of my personal interests. Sections on music technology, music theory, tuning & harmony. Harmonic deviation (inharmonicity), various scales & intonation systems.

The behaviour of piano strings, design features & constraints. Building techniques, materials used & characteristics. Modern & traditional electronic theory. Electrical & electromagnetic theory.

My opinions on the Universe, physics, reality, relativity & associated subjects are also included.